ICS Fire Systems

Fire Suppression Systems

ICS has been providing, servicing, and inspecting fire suppression equipment for clients in the industrial and commercial space for decades!

Our team of licensed professionals knows how to install, inspect, and maintain dry chemical extinguishing equipment of all sizes.

Per NFPA, Dry Chemical Skid Systems require semiannual inspections. Our team of certified inspectors is ready to inspect, note any deficiencies and provide top-quality service on all types of Dry Chemical Suppression Systems!

Call us for a free on-site estimate for installation or to schedule a reliable inspecting team!

Fire Extinguisher


Fire Extinguisher Service

Per NFPA 10, fire extinguishers require annual inspections with a comprehensive report listing all building extinguishers and future service dates. Should your extinguishers require service, our licensed and experienced Extinguisher Team is fully-equipped to service a variety of extinguishers in-house!

Email us today to schedule an extinguisher inspection or installation! We'll determine if your extinguishers are compliant with your building's hazard type, if you have the proper number of extinguishers, confirm your fire extinguishers are hung properly; we'll check the valves, the pressure, and remove the unlocking pin for testing to make sure your extinguishers are ready to protect your building!

Our team will deliver a complete, NFPA 10 compliant report and quote any changes which may be required. We are a full-service hydrotesting facility, and we carry five types of extinguishers, including:

• Clean Agent
• Dry Chemical
• Wet Chemical
• Stored Pressure Water
• Wheeled Portable Extinguishing Units